Handmade Id bracelets keeping you safe in an emergency

Keeps Me Safe is a company proudly dedicated to designing and making Id bracelets which display vital personal information. We offer two distinct types of Id tag, one for specific medical information and another for general use. Our bracelets are handmade and created with the finest quality materials, designed for men, women and children alike. Keeps Me Safe presents many practical and stylish ways for you to get your message across and help keep you and your loved ones safe and well.


Id tag which shows the internationally recognised, medical emergency symbol. Displays personalised medical information and emergency contact telephone number of a close relative. Engraved on the reverse side.

Id tag for general information (non-medical use) in case of an emergency of any kind or severity. These display the international sign for Information and are particularly good for children or adults who wish to carry emergency contact information. Engraved on the reverse side.

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