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2) Information on products - availability

3) Prices

4) Execution of the purchase

5) Payment of your purchases

6) Payment system

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8) Conformity of products

9) Customer service

10) Product warranty - Liability



The Internet site Keepsmesafe.com is managed by the firm Keepsmesafe with VAT Number: X4653301

The general sales conditions aim to define the conditions in which the sales of the product proposed by Keepsmesafe are made via their website.


All purchases made through Keepsmesafe.com constitute the creation of a distance contract, and requires agreement, without restrictions or reservations, in turn, according to General Conditions of Sale.


The general sales conditions are presented in English and Spanish. Keepsmesafe reserves the right to modify them. Therefore, we invite you to regularly be informed of the new general conditions of sales.


Information on products - availability

  • 2.1 The company Keepsmesafe presents in Keepsmesafe.com the necessary information about the features of the product offered so that consumers can better understand the product before final purchase.
  • 2.2 Tenders submitted by the company Keepsmesafe in Keepsmesafe.com are valid only in the extent of the available stock.

Keepsmesafe S.L. provides, however, information on the availability of products offered at the moment of approval of its purchase.

If a product is unavailable after the approval of its purchase, Keepsmesafe will quickly send a notifying email and will then proceed with the integral refund of your purchase, cancelling the charge on your bank account, as defined in the 11 of the present.



The price of the products offered in Keepsmesafe.com are indicated in euros, including VAT and postage/shipping.

Keepsmesafe reserves the right to modify its prices, but the products are invoiced based on the current rates at the moment of the validation of your purchase.


Execution of the purchase

All the orders are made online only: Keepsmesafe.com, following the instructions outlined on the site.


Payment of your purchases

You stated to agree with the information and have accepted the present general sales conditions before the completion of its purchase.


Payment for purchases is made in advance.


On the validation of your purchase, Keepsmesafe will send you a purchase confirmation email recapitulating the integrity of your order (the type of product shipped, the quantity, the price).

The data registered by Keepsmesafe and the information on its systems are the evidences of all past transactions.


Payment system

  • Methods of payment: Payment for purchases is made by banking card, banking transfer or PayPal. The banking cards accepted are: Visa
  • Secure payment: www.Keepsmesafe.com has a secure payment system through the electronic platform of La Caixa
  • Dispute or payment refusal: In case of payment refusal by credit card, Keepsmesafe reserves the right to
    • suspend the management of its purchase and delivery, and
    • deny or cancel any purchase of a client with whom there is a dispute concerning the payment of a previous purchase.
  • Billing: A detailed bill will be delivered at the moment of delivery of the products purchased.



The products are delivered to the address indicated during the ordering process. Keepsmesafe will send a notice of shipment email.

  • Period covered and arrangements for delivery: Deliveries are made via registered post. Under normal cicumstances your order will be processed and sent to you within 15 days of the purchase date. Nevertheless, if the purchase cannot be sent within this time frame due to unforseen circumstances, you will be notified by email.
  • Delivery control: In case of a known shipping delay, a warning email will be sent to you.
  • Delivery Delay: Keepsmesafe is not responsible for a delivery delay, neither of the consequences of such delay.
  • Problems at the moment of delivery: If the package does not arrive to the address (incorrect address or not reception), the package will be returned to us to be stored until you provide a new direction; by default, your purchase will be considered void. In the absence of the client at the moment of delivery, your package shall be deposited in the nearest transportation office service which will provides information about the package.


Conformity of products

Keepsmesafe refunds or changes according to the available stock all damaged or defective products or which do not correspond to its purchase, to condition that you inform us in detail the reasons for this non-conformity, by email within two (2) days from receipt of product.


In case of retuning of the package, the products must be returned to Keepsmesafe in its original packaging within 30 days of initial purchase date.


Customer service

The Customer Service is at your service for any information: customers@Keepsmesafe.com


Product warranty - Liability

The products supplied by www.Keepsmesafe.com are in accordance with Spanish legislation.


The photo and the text that illustrate the products offered are reported for illustrative purposes only, and may not compromise the responsibility of Keepsmesafe which is only responsible for the content of the pages that are edited by us.

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